"Regrets, I've had a few", croons Frank Sinatra. Yep, me too, Frank. Me too. 

One regret I've lived with is never getting a college education. My hairdressing career has been pure adventure, but I don't have a degree.

I've lived several lifetimes. I've experienced loss, addiction, divorce, heartache and all of the other 'stuff' that life throws at us. 

I'm a speaker, life coach, writer, personality trainer. But no degree. I take classes, educate myself whenever and wherever I have opportunity,. But alas, no degree. 

Until now. 

In October, the day after my mom passed into heaven, I spoke for the Women's Literary Club in Holland, MI. It was a time of speaking from my heart and my life experiences. These delightful women were gracious as I shared of my life and loss. 

Weeks have passed and I still get comments about that day and my message. Little did I know what else that day would bring. 

Drumroll please!

Adobe Spark (35).jpg

No more regrets. I've received my degree! Today I can proudly say that I have earned my degree. A Master of Life degree! Thank you to the president of the Women's Literary Club of Holland for acknowledging me in this way. It was hard earned and took many years to achieve, but today I have a Masters Degree! 

Do you have regrets, like me and Frank Sinatra? Life may not play out the way we plan, but just like Frank,

"I did it my way"


Almost 60 and Expecting

You read that right… In 3 short months I will be 60 years old and here I am, expecting!


It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this kind of anticipation. With every pregnancy comes joy, an eagerness  and some angst as well. I’m feeling all of those things today. The unknown is so large and looming right now. If you’ve ever given birth, then you understand exactly how I’m feeling.


The difference? I’m almost 60! I remember when I was expecting my first child. One day the realization hit me that I had to give birth! What would that feel like? How could I go through it? Would everything be okay? After I settled down and thought about how many women before survived childbirth, I began to focus on the journey itself. And that Is what I’m attempting to do today.


This pregnancy has been a tough one. It began almost a year ago. Talk about overdue! 2 accidents in 5 weeks that almost took the lives of my husband and son-in-law started this process. Just like when your hormones begin to change, my soul began to change in preparation for what was ahead.


Let’s be honest, while pregnancy can be a joyful time, it’s not without it’s problems. Morning sickness, water retention, stretch marks, fear of the unknown, all of these things can challenge the joy we want to experience.


In much the same way, during my time of expecting, I want to be joyful, but it’s been clouded by fears of the unknown and a sickness in my soul when I see the struggles of those around me. On those days, nothing seems easy, just like a pregnant body becomes cumbersome in those final days of waiting.


Waiting while we have Braxton-Hicks contractions, preparing us for the real thing. Waiting while we prepare the nursery, purchase all of our supplies and anticipate the day that delivery actually happens!!!


By now I hope you’ve figured out that I am NOT physically pregnant. But I have a hope inside of me, as I turn 60, that I will give birth. I want to give birth to new ideas and dreams, flesh out the old dreams and move into this next season with the anticipation of a young mother, pregnant for the very first time!


What about you? Would you like to give birth? What about those ideas and dreams that you have put on a shelf because you’re ‘too old’ or ‘too busy’? Pregnancy can be a very uncomfortable time of life, but oh the joy of holding our newborn. In the same way, we can experience that joy by giving birth to our hopes and dreams.


I personally believe in God, the giver of dreams. When He places a dream inside of us, just like a tiny embryo, He will cause growth and proper development, right up to the delivery date and beyond!

That doesn’t mean it will be easy. Morning sickness, stretch marks and fear of the unknown may still plague us. Labor will not be easy. Pain is almost guaranteed.


So, I’m embracing my stretch marks, knowing that with each one, I’ve grown as a woman of God. I’ve embraced the morning sickness, trusting that God is right there, rubbing my back as I throw up all of my hurts and fears. And I’m embracing the labor pains, knowing that after the pain and fear, comes delivery.


And oh the joy that comes when delivery is complete! I’ve been pregnant long enough. It’s time to deliver. We are never too old to give birth and I’m trusting that the anticipation I’m feeling will bring about a beautiful, healthy and strong future, not only for me, but for all of you as well.






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Now That I'm Older

It's amazing what a look back causes me to understand. I found this in my journal, written earlier this summer. Can you relate?

Now That I'm Older

I see the path carved out for me. It's brought me through some treacherous places.

A lot of stumbling, a lot of tight squeezes. Oh my gosh, so many 'almost falling off cliffs' moments.Many times I thought I did, but...my Guide

You caught me, You held me, You nurtured me, You trained me, You guided me and held my hand.

Sometimes You let go, only because I did first. In those times, You hovered over me, allowing me to get so banged up, bleeding and wounded, waiting for me to return to You for healing and direction. 

You've always had just the right person in the right place, at the right time to be an earthly angel, to lift me up and encourage me, to cheer me on. Your path for me has been challenging at many turns, but it is my path and I've learned so much along the way. 

I know that more challenges, twists, turns and tight spots will be ahead, but now I knwo that while it's still a mystery to me, You are my Guide and know what lies ahead. 

I envision myself on a cliff, but not using my own strength to climb.

I see Your safety harness of LOVE on me. 

I do not fear falling because You are with me. 

Thank You Abba

Your daughter, Diane


no fear of falling.jpg

God's Mathmatics

When my son was two, I was expecting twins. I loved my little guy so much, I often wondered how I could divide that love with two more on the way. Actually, I worried about it. He was my whole world and it revolved around him. With two more, how could I possibly love them like I loved him?

It seems silly now, but at the time, as a young mom, it was a real fear. But then something miraculous happened. I gave birth to the sweetest set of twin daughters and all my fears vanished! While I had been so concerned about dividing my love and my heart into thirds, God did some amazing math and multiplied my love instead. 


Today we witnessed the adoption of a precious little boy. He is the forth child my daughter and son-in-law have brought into their nest through adoption. They are blessed with three biological children and have three others through adoption as well. There is another beautiful young lady who is with them as a foster child. 

When my daughter first spoke of doing foster care, my thoughts again ran along the same lines as my younger self. How can she take time and love from her children and bring in more? How can she divide her heart? Although I was also a foster parent for a season, it really concerned me that they were bringing 'troubled' children into their brood and have to divide their time and love with 'my' grandchildren.

Fast forward 4 years. Sitting in a court room once again, watching as another child is lovingly, officially a Rieley family member. Once again, I see, feel and know exactly what I learned so long ago...love multiplies. I don't see biological, adopted, foster children. I see our grand children, all 8 of them and feel so much love for each one of them that my heart almost bursts. I see my daughter and son-in-law expanding their hearts again. And I know that will continue as this family grows up and possibly grow in numbers too. 

This is how I believe God's love is as well. We are all His children. He sees us as sons and daughters, not biological or adopted. His heart multiplies, never divides. His math methods are miraculous. His love is boundless and always has room for more. Just like these beautiful children who have been adopted into this family, my prayer is that you find a home in God's love as well. May you witness and experience first hand God's miraculous love and transforming power. 

Choosing Joy-Guest Blog, Amber Zwiers(my daughter)

When asked to write this blog post about myself, I wanted to share the positives in our life as I normally do on our IBELIEVE Facebook page. You know, the stuff that’s easy to share. However, it was laid on my heart to share the daily choices I have to make to be positive. It wasn’t easy for me to admit that I’m not just a naturally strong, happy, joyful person. I am  a struggling human, just like you, in need of a lot of God to get me through! -Amber




Choosing joy is easy when things are going well. Everyone is healthy, finances are in tune, your marriage is strong and secure, your spiritual life has never been better… it’s all joyful. It’s easy to thank God for the abundant blessings in your life when the blessings are in fact abundant. What about when those blessings seem hard to find? How do you find joy during the storm?

You choose it.

This has been my most difficult struggle since Derek’s accident. I have to force myself to choose joy every single day and man, is it hard.

Some days I feel like literally everything I have known has been taken away. We had health, good jobs, good insurance, nice cars, a good life. Not a life of luxury by any means, but it wasn’t bad. Then I blinked and it was all gone.  My husband was a quadriplegic, our jobs were gone, our savings quickly evaporated, our insurance, retirement and every bit of financial security we had was ripped away and the medical bills don’t stop coming. Where is the joy in that?

I have to wake up almost every hour during the night to help my husband.  It is really hard to be joyful when you don’t sleep! I have to do the work of two adults while being a full time caregiver and mother of two. Where is the joy in that?

I have to figure out what we pay and what we don’t. I have to juggle the bills, doctors, therapy and prescriptions. I have to take care of the kids, animals, groceries by myself. Where is the joy in that?

I keep praying for healing, for peace, for security and God is still saying wait. Where is the joy in that?

I’ll tell you where the joy is. The joy is where you choose to find it.

I find joy in my children’s willingness to help.  I find joy in how close my relationship with my husband has become.  I find joy getting to take a nap.  I find joy in reading my Bible.  I find joy in the physical strength I have gained.  I find joy in knowing that I can do things I never thought I could. I find joy knowing that we have lost so much...and survived.  Joy comes in learning to stop looking at what you’ve lost. Joy comes in looking at what you’ve gained.

It is not easy, there are days (sometimes weeks) when it’s really hard to muster up even a little joy.  Yet, every day I get up and thank the Lord for what I do have and I try my hardest to find joy.

The joy of the Lord is my strength.

Nehemiah 8:











Fly Like an Eagle


Crazy looking birds, moose roaming the streets, fish jumping high out the water. It was like a zoo with no fences.  My trip to Alaska was breathtaking!

In a barren field, on the corner of a busy intersection, was an eagles nest. Perched high on top of a dead tree, it was subjected to the elements. I saw an eagle perched majestically over the nest, protecting it’s young.

It’s been 3 years since that trip. While I don’t think of the eagle’s nest often, it recently came to mind while I was praying for God to reveal His will for my life. God used the memory of the eagle’s nest as a reminder of how He cares for me. He opened my mind to something I had never thought about.


In my mind’s eye, I saw a huge nest and a baby bird. The bird was an eaglet, but I also knew it was me. I watched as two HUGE hands placed this baby into the center of the giant nest. All sticks and leaves, no covering, exposed to the elements. The baby eaglet was a homely little thing, mouth wide open, pleading for food. He was not ready to fly, and even if he wanted to, the nest was so big and protective he couldn’t get to the edge.

God seemed to say, “You’re not ready to fly into my plans for you. Your call is certain, but waiting is necessary. This is a safe place to grow, learn, and experience My exclusive care, just as the eaglet only knows the care of its parents.

“This nest is very high above the ground and if you try to leave too soon, you will crash. Although you feel it’s a barren place, exposed to the elements, you must trust Me to be your Protection. One day you will soar, but for now, you are growing strong wings to fly into the plans I have for you.”

Do you think God creates discomfort in our lives to help us grow?  Just as a mother eagle makes the nest uncomfortable so her young will want to leave, so God knows the perfect time for us to

 stay in the nest and the time to prod us out. The beautiful thing is that when it’s time to leave the nest, mother eagle never loses sight of her child. As the baby eagle topples over the side and begins descending downward, mama swoops in and lifts the bird, carrying it on her wings. She will do this over and over until the eaglet gains confidence and has strong enough wings to soar above the clouds.

I know the feeling of being in that great big nest, with no ability to see over the edge. The nest can be prickly, stinky and even suffocating. But I’ve come to realize that my time in the nest is not wasted, and neither is yours. We build our muscles, gain strength and learn to trust our Father God for everything.


Do you want to soar above life’s circumstances? Are you eager to launch out and fly into all that God has planned for you? God has good plans for each of us. His call is certain.

As I sit in the nest, learning, growing, and maturing, My Father knows the right time to allow me to use my wings. He will be there to scoop me up when I flounder. I’m getting ready for the day He calls me to flight.

“but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31 NIV


















God's Emergency Room

A very different week than I expected. Every morning while I'm lounging over coffee, my husband and our little dog, Buddy, take a walk. Unless the sun is shining brightly, Jim checks the weather map for any signs of rain and if so gauges how long and far the morning walk will be. On Monday, I heard him tell Buddy that it was going to be a short walk because Jim had an appointment at 9:30. Yes, he talks to Buddy. Any pet owners will understand 

Although this is absolute ritual at our house, Buddy always does the same happy dance, twirling with excitement at the prospect of another adventure with his master. 

On occasion Jim will text me or call to remind me of something that may have crossed his mind while walking, so when my phone rang and identified Jim as the caller, I felt no real alarm. 

His voice was calm as he spoke, "I've been hit by a car and need you here. I'm not sure about Buddy". 

In my minds eye, I imagined that he was slightly clipped by a car turning a corner or some other minor incident. But when I turned the corner, I saw a fire truck, police cars, a car turned up on its side and people everywhere. Jim had been hit and thrown far off the road. Our little Buddy lay lifeless in the field. It's amazing how quickly one can access the situation, grieve over a pet, comfort a loved one and console the car's driver as she sobbed about how sorry she was. 

Today as I sit in the hospital with Jim, who has been in a flat position, trying to rest and waiting for the next dose of pain meds, so much goes through my mind. 

I think of how quickly all of the political nonsense took a back seat in my mind. 

I think of all of the people who have stepped up to help in places that I should be right now. 

I think of my daughter as she stays with her husband at Mary Free Bed everyday. 

I think of my my daughter raising 7 children, only 3 by birth, but them all as their own. 

I think of my son in Chicago, who I know wishes he could be here through all of our current trials, but life demands keep him there. 

I think of my mom, at 83, struggling with how to process this and searching for where she fits. 

And I think of all of you, my friends. How caring you are. How concerned you are. Each of is on a journey as well. While it may not have made the news, like Jims accident did, each of us has something on our heart today. So while you are sending thoughts and prayers my way, I'm sending them right back to you. Be encouraged that God is big enough to care for all of our needs, regardless of how small or big they are. He sees every single tear and hears every cry. 

He doesn't rate our pain on a scale like here in the hospital.  We don't need to go through triage to determine the severity of our case. Gods emergency room is open and ready right now to meet your needs, bandage your wounds and walk with you through the healing process. 

Yes, the Great Physician is on duty, ready and waiting to meet your needs. 

Be blessed my friends,




The words rang in her ears as she desperately tried to regain her composure. The children were getting up soon and she surely didn't want them to see that she had been crying. The thought of her kids seeing her in such a mess, snotty nose, red eyes and visibly shaking, she just couldn't allow that again this morning. 

Surely they had seen enough of the fighting, felt the tension that permeated the house like a thick fog, always walking on eggshells, never knowing what would trigger another explosion.  

It hadn't always been like this, had it? As she reminisced about the past, she remembered the early days of their relationship. How attentive he had been, almost envious of others attention to her. But that was so romantic to think he cared so much for her. As the children came along and her attention was divided, he seemed to grow colder and distant. When the focus wasn't on him, he often became sullen and moody.

That's when the drinking escalated. It seemed that he needed more and more to calm his nerves, help him sleep, help him cope. She tried everything she could think of to make him stop. If only she could keep the kids quiet, clean the house better, lose weight, be more attentive, whatever it took to appease the angry man he had become. But of course, nothing worked. Oh, maybe a day of peace or week if the stars aligned properly, but there was always the waiting...when would the bomb explode again?

While others wives talked about their frustrations with husbands, she sat quietly, somehow knowing that her situation was different. Typical advise was along the lines of, go to a marriage retreat, just talk to him, read this book on how to be a praying wife. It all fell flat. Didn't they know, couldn't they read between the lines and see how much pain she held in her heart? How could they not know that she was falling apart, dying on the inside, day by day. 

She prayed he would die. That seemed like the only solution to her misery. Guilt overtook her conscious mind every moment. Envy of other marriages permeated her thoughts. As it became more difficult to keep the facade, she knew that it was time to make a decision...but what?


This is the story of many women today. Fearful, alone, confused, afraid. Where do I go? Who can help me? Friends don't really understand the life of abuse, whether physical, emotional or sexual. Many times women live lives that are subjected to all forms of abuse. It is a frightening place to be and an even more frightening world to escape. 

Where is help? Who can I talk to? Nothing feels safe, nothing is certain. What if he finds out I went to counseling? What will happen if someone tells him I attend AlAnon to cope with his addiction? The fear is overwhelming, the pain is deep. The secret has to be kept. 

As I write this, I do not have answers, only more questions. I have seen this scenerio played out in the lives of many women, myself included. I do not share this to expose or lay blame on my previous spouse. I share this to ask the question...Where is Help? 

I recently walked through this reality with a woman who is currently in a similar situation. She called various organizations, asking for help. The only help she could receive was advise...go to the mission. Unless she ends up in the emergency room, their isn't a bed for her, a place of safety, a place to sort it all out, or even a listening ear. 

I understand the cycle of abuse, the percentages of women who return to their abuser and all of the statistics. I understand that there are wonderful organizations that help so many women and children in these circumstances. What I understand most of all is the loneliness, the fear, the guilt and the isolation that abuse causes. 

How can I help? How can you help? To be honest, I'm not sure. Be available, be a listener, look for clues. When a woman is being abused, she leaves clues. She tries to tell others through some kind of code, but you have to listen. Don't tell them to get help. Take them, when they are ready. Don't offer pat answers, her world is falling apart. Fear grips every waking moment. A bible study or church attendance is not going to save her from this situation. Be a friend. It takes patience and understanding. 

There are no easy answers, but my hope is, if nothing else, someone will read this and know you are not alone. Someone sees and understands. Someone is praying for you, even as you wonder if God has abandoned you. For those of you in healthy relationships, I hope this will open your eyes to the needs of others not so fortunate. Be a voice, an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on, a heart that is open. 

Thanks for being here,



Are You Uncomfortable Too?

For years, I have been so uncomfortable with myself. Whether it's an extra 20 lbs. or the shape of my nose, I've had issues...forever. Constant comparisons to other women, always seeing myself as 'less than perfect' in so many ways. 

Being self conscious just sucked the life out of me. Heaven forbid someone got a camera around me! I preferred to be the one taking the photos, not be in them! When I looked in the mirror or caught my reflection, my eyes immediately went to my most hated body parts. Round tummy, back fat, flabby legs, too long arms, the list went on and on. 

I can't believe I'm the only woman who has dealt with these issues of self esteem, of being uncomfortable in her own skin. Why do we beat ourselves up like this? 

I'm sure the media has something to do with it, as we are barraged with beautiful photo shopped images. There is always a new diet or exercise plan available that will once and for all, solve our issues. We compare ourselves to others, secretly wishing that we looked more like our skinny friends, had the energy and drive to work out like other friends. It is so easy to be envious of those who seem to have the right genes and the right jeans.  I have NEVER found a pair of jeans that fit me the way I'd like. I also don't have the right genes to ever be a size 8, which would make me abundantly happy. 

So, what's the solution? How do we simply decide to be comfortable in our own skin? 

First, I do believe that a proper diet and some common sense exercise is good and healthy. But I also think that being comfortable is more of an inside job. I've learned that loving myself for who I am, not how I look, is the first step in the right direction. We are so much more than the size we wear or what the scale says. Self esteem involves setting boundaries in our lives, esteeming our value, walking away from toxic relationships, building friendships with people who affirm us for who we are, not how we look. 

And deeper still, it's knowing and understanding that each of us has been designed by the Master Creator. Yes, those hips were designed just for you. Yes, He planned my nose just the way it is. As we learn to embrace the body God designed for us, we will move past the superficial and into the spiritual. That is where true freedom is found. That is where I understood that it isn't my 'beauty' that God wants to use. It's my perceived  imperfections. It's what keeps me real, authentic and approachable. 

I encourage you, my friends, to do inventory on your thoughts. Do you despise your image? Have you made peace with the way you have been created? Remember, we were designed to be more than just another pretty face. Take ownership of your thoughts, talk to the One who designed you and be encouraged that you were created for a purpose that only you can fulfill. 

Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous--how well I know it. Psalm 139:14


Planning a funeral

There are many things in life that are optional. Death is not one of them...

We all know that our end on this earth will come at some point in time, but yet we live like we are going to be here forever. Oh sure, somewhere in the back of my mind I understand that I'm a finite being. I know that in time I will either succumb to disease, old age or go in some tragic way.

While I don't say this to be morbid, it is something to think about. Today, that is exactly what I did. Not my death, but that of my mother. No, my mom did not pass away. Yet. She is healthy, reasonably strong, able to drive and get around, but...the day will come when she passes to a world unknown to us that are left behind. 

Today I took my sweet mom to the funeral home to plan her home going event. While many of you may have done this with parents or even for yourself, this was a new deal for me. 

Since losing my dad and then her second husband, she has been adamant that we get this done. We started with a lovely lunch together and talked about some of the things that are important to her. She wants her funeral at her church, she does NOT want us to go to the grave site and watch her get lowered into the ground. Just to heart wrenching, according to her. Please have someone sing Amazing Grace and The Old Rugged Cross (what else?) and would you (me) please be willing to do my hair? 

We giggled as we picked out her casket. She chose a lovely model with pink satin cushioning on the inside. I chose a sleek black model that reminds me of a race car. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, she wasn't willing to buy mine right now.

The funeral director was so kind and walked us through each decision that needed to be made. Of course, not all decisions were made today. We have time to decide if it's ham or turkey on buns for the 'lunch' after the service. 

When my mom married her 2nd husband, she and I went shopping for a dress for the wedding. As we left the boutique, she said, 'well, now I have a dress to get married in and a dress to be buried in'. Amen sister. You will look good at the event that you planned, paid for and were the guest of honor. I'm so blessed to know that not only is my mom taking care of this now, but knowing that she is ready and excited to meet her Jesus makes this otherwise difficult time a pure joy. 



Personality Quiz

5 Clues to Your Personality

Circle one answer for each of the following 5 questions:


1. When receiving an invitation to an event, your first response is:

a. Let's go shopping! I need a new outfit!

b. Oh good grief, do I have to go?

c. I hope we aren't playing any silly games, I prefer bridge.

d. I wonder why they didn't ask me to be in charge of the event?


2. Your spouse has expressed interest in taking a weekend getaway. Do you:

a. Get the car polished up, pack your bags and wait impatiently for the weekend?

b. Try to put it off for another time? It's too much hurry and scurry right now.

c. Immediately research your options and take inventory of potential expenses?

d. Tell him/her you love the idea, but you will make the final decision when and where?


3. One of your children is constantly talking. Do you:

a. Carry on a lively conversation with them, thinking how adorable they are?

b. Tune them out and watch TV?

c. Count how many seconds they talk without taking a breath?

d. Yell at them to PLEASE be quiet?


4. The Pastors message is exceptional this Sunday morning. Do you:

a. Watch the clock so you can get coffee and find out where Sally got that great new purse?

b. Slouch in the pew, close your eyes and tell yourself that you''ll just ponder his words?

c. Take meticulous notes so you can reexamine his main points compared to Scripture?

c. Think that you  could give a message just as good?


5. While in the shopping mall, you see a young woman who's outfit is wild and her hair is defying gravity. You think:

a. Oh my gosh! I need to know where she gets her hair done!

b. Kids will be kids, this phase will pass.

c. I wonder how long it takes her to get her to stand up like that?

d. If I were her parent, I'd never let her out the house like that!

To find your results, tally the number of a's, b's, c's and d's. The letter you have the most of is an indicator of your possible personality. Of course, full testing will reveal a much more accurate score, but this IS just for fun, right?

a. You scored high as a Sanguine personality. Always ready for fun and excitement, the Sanguine is a party waiting to happen. Their friends can count on them to carry the conversation and keep things lively. They enjoy attention from others and dress to be noticed.  Everyone is their friend and people gravitate to them naturally. They 'talk' with their hands and love to hug everyone they meet. 

b. This personality is the Phlegmatic. Low-key, dry sense of humor and everyone's favorite, the Phlegmatic is the most easy going of all of the personalities. Considered to be a 'putty person', filling in the gaps where needed, this personality is not easily rattled in a crisis. You are a born mediator, a great listener and friend. 

c. Melancholy is the next personality in line. Details, details, details, the Melancholy notices everything. Great at keeping records, concerned that all the I's are dotted and t's crossed, a true Melancholy is the best when navigating a map or balancing a check book. A good friend, very sensitive by nature, this person needs to know that they are supported and cared about.

d. Last, but not least, is the Choleric personality. A natural leader, this personality has no problem seeing an issue and giving instruction on ow to fix it. Not given to warm fuzzies, the Choleric is a no nonsense, get it done kind of person who willingly takes charge of any situation. Choleric's have a real need to be in control, whether it's their emotions or deciding which restaurant to visit. 

I hope this little quiz gave you some insight into how you are wired. This is why I love what I'm doing with Personality Training. Watching people have AHA moments that truly are life changing is so exciting! It's never too late to discover more about yourself. Whether one on one or in a small group, consider making 2016 the year that you  discover your true personality. I'd love to be a part of your process.



Wired that Way

As I entered the room for the first day of Personality training, I wore a bright coral shirt and had added some coral color to the tips of my hair, just for fun. As the group gathered to begin, our trainer shared that someone always has an “AHA” moment during the sessions. With so much to discover, I was eager to get started and wondered who would be the AHA person for this series of classes.

Excitement was high as group members shared which personality traits they lined up with. One by one, each shared, until it was my turn.

“Well, I know I’m Phlegmatic,” I began, “but I’m unclear as to my secondary. I think it’s Melancholy, but that doesn’t feel right either. I think I need help. I’m trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.”

The leader smiled and asked the group what they saw in me. Every person responded in kind. “Sanguine!” Sanguine, I questioned in my mind. How can I be Sanguine? I’m not overly talkative or the life of the party. I need my shoes to match my outfit, doesn’t that make me Melancholy?

Fortunately for me, the leader was a very wise woman, trained over many years in understanding personalities and people in general. She walked me through questions regarding my parents, my childhood, my responsibilities and other life events. As she led me back to my childhood, I realized that at one time I really was a fun loving, talkative, enthusiastic little person. Life circumstances led me to become a very submissive, passive individual who allowed others to squelch my true self. Suddenly, the tears began to flow as God opened my mind and heart, showing me who He really designed me to be. This was my AHA moment!

Since that time, my life has not been the same. So much comes into focus as I understand more about my personality. Why I like to add pink or purple to my hair. Why I enjoy standing in front of a crowd, speaking. Why others seek me out to have fun with. Why I hate math. Why I still need peace and quiet.  What freedom in knowing who we are and how we are wired.

True freedom comes when we understand our God given uniqueness. As you venture into the land of personality discovery,  open your heart and mind to God’s leading. Let Him reveal to you who He created you to be. Listen closely to all that He has to say. My prayer is that you, too, will have some AHA moments along the way. Let’s get started, shall we?  

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 "For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago." Ephesians 2:10 NLT